For Sale Wallace Stevens’ Personal Art Collection Sold Only as a Group The collection consists of thirty-two works of art that Stevens purchased starting in 1931, mostly through the Parisian book dealers Anatole and Paule Vidal. Included are the still life by Tal Coat that inspired “Angel Surrounded by Paysans” and Jean Marchand’s Les Oliviers, alluded to in “Connoisseur of Chaos.” The collection also contains a Georges Braque color lithograph  Nature morte III: Verre et fruit, pulled by Braque himself, an oil painting by Camille Bombois, entitled Le Loiret à Olivet, a Kandinsky lithograph, a pair of 19th-century miniature jade carvings of Pekingese dogs, a Chinese woodcarving, and an Oriental scroll depicting birds. Exclusive Agent Elliot’s Books of Northford, Conn. Established in 1957 Elliot’s Books Box 6 Northford CT 06472 203.484.2184 [email protected] Serious inquiries only. We will be happy to send digitized images and further particulars. Tal Coat, Still Life Jean Marchand, Les Oliviers